Friday, June 6, 2008

England Bound

Well, it seems the thrust of all my plans is coming to realization and my trips around the world are starting very soon. I'm very excited to see parts of the world I've never seen before and meet people I've never met before :) But most of all, I'm anticipating a new, global mindset and a renewed zeal for whatever God might have for me in those terms. However, keeping with the mindset of a content servant of Christ, I won't let my thoughts get ahead of the present. 

I will try to update while I am in England with pictures and such, but I can't promise anything. I'm not too sure about the computer situation so
 we'll see about that. A few things that, if you're reading this, you can keep me in prayer for:
  • Even though England is a "vacation", pray that I would continue to keep the mindset of a bondservant of Christ to keep the flesh in submission and be ready to preach the gospel in season and out of season.
  • For Team SE Asia that I will be traveling with when I get back, that God would continue to shape our hearts as a team and that we would work as a body for the body there :)
  • Sanity of mind with things going on at home...
I will write soon I hope, if I can't...I'll be in jolly ol' 


carly said...

i'm so excited for all of your travels. :) i truly feel like we have switched places. but along with that, i feel like God has changed our hearts to match those places He has us. it's so crazy to watch. i keep remembering conversations we used to have about how you were going to support me financially while i was on the mission field and you were a pharmacist...and look where we are today. except i'm not going to be a pharmacist;) haha but you get the idea. i guess it just is YET ANOTHER reminder of how much we TRULY have no idea what is going on...but also of how much God ALWAYS does. you've probably already left at this point, since you fly out today, but know that i am praying for you and i will always cherish our friendship:) God has brought us so far.

love, carly

Kimberly Mallard said...

Always, always, always, praying for you. Have a blast! :)