Monday, June 16, 2008

More Fun in England

Ok, I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a while. I tried posting a few days ago but for some reason the blogger wasn't updating any of my photos. And who wants a post without photos? :) And another thing, the images go from most recent to least recent. Another thing I have yet to learn about blogger. Anyway, I've been having the time of my life. London is by far the best place I've ever been and I want to stay so badly. I would live here if I could! Everything about it is amazing....the transportation, the accents (yum), nightlife, the business, etc.! I never thought I'd like a busy city so much. I thought I'd be in love with the outdoors, calm, pretty, etc. and although that would be amazing, I feel like I'm actually living when I'm here.

Me in front of the National Art Museum. Lots and lots of paintings! Too many in fact, it was so overwhelming. I appreciated all the art, but since I'm not very educated when it comes to that, I felt I wasn't able to appreciate it :( Shane, you would have loved it!

Stonehenge...had to see it! :)

Only the best for the Zylstras!

Another one we had to go to.

St. Paul's Cathedral. I'm missing the dome which is the most famous part, but the whole building is so massive its impossible to get from up close. Inside, where we were not able to take pictures, was even more impressive. The entire ceiling is enlaid with gold and the most gorgeous art. Pillars and such gave a very cathedral feeling to it. We also went to the service on Sunday and heard the choir sing. My God, the most amazingly perfect acoustic building ever!

Big Ben, Parliment, and The Eye....more on that later

Shakespeare's Globe...aka his theater

Buckingham Palace. It was huge. The queen was in residence as they had a procession or something in the early morning. Later when we were walking in what seemed to be the aristocratic neighborhood around the palace, we saw Prince Charles, his brother (andrew?), and Camilla drive out in three separate cars. It was pretty cool

Windsor Castle...Queen something had a cool doll collection

Alison and me in the lift at The Commodore Hotel in London. The capacity said 4 but we could barely fit us two and Aunt Rhoda.
So, I'm enjoying myself thoroughly. Tomorrow we're doing Stratford and Saturday we'll be taking the train to Oxford. Back to London on Sunday, yeah! I wish I didn't have to leave London :( Maybe I'll just stay and see how long it takes them to find me...


Becca said...

Honestly, we'd find you pretty quick when July 3rd rolled around. Haha. Wouldn't want to make this trip missing one of us.

These pictures make me miss Europe so much!! Sometimes I truly do wish to just drop everything for a week and go. Glad you're enjoying it! :)

Shane Harmony said...

I loved your photos!!!!!! (again) So great!!! And sweetie, you appreciate things more than you realize!!!!! Sometimes it's really great to know the details, the stories and the artists behind the works, but sometimes it's also nice to go in blind, and make your own pure thoughts about the pieces first, and THEN learn the background. That's whats so great about art!!!! You bring your perspective to it, and it enhances the piece that much more!